Gillermo Izquierdo

Member 2006 - 2015

mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals

As lead singer of Psalm 151, Guillermo is an accomplished songwriter and performer who in between his stints with Psalm 151, has played with other groups including Original Skin, Bread Gone Wry, The Bob Fera Band, The Push Stars, Chris Trapper and currently as lead singer of The Corrections.  Guillermo brings an unmistakable sound to Psalm 151 with his unmatched talent on mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ebow and melodica.


G-Man was a founding member of Psalm 151 and left the band in August 2015.

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Psalm 151 •  St Amelia’s Church  210 Saint Amelia Dr • Tonawanda, NY 14150 • Phone: (716) 836-0011