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For several years, Psalm 151 has been asked numerous times by parishioners and fans alike where they can get their hands on  a CD of their music.  In response to their request, during the summer of 2012, the band joined our good friend, producer and "engineer in the chair" extraordinaire Ken Rutkowski at Outer Limit Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY to record our first CD, “Through It All.”


Featuring thirteen of our favorite songs, we were blessed to be joined by Psalm 151 alumni Emilia “Mia” Peterangelo, Elizabeth Johnson and Stacey Rogers and our special guest, the enormously talented Dan Fronckowiak.  We were also blessed to have the incredibly talented Cave Wilson (Drums), Tim Mroz (Bass) and Ken (Flute) as guest instrumentalist.  The St. Amelia Children’s Choir also came to the studio and demonstrated their gift of music by joining the band in our rendition of “Lord I Lift Your Name on High,” "Shout to the Lord" and “For This Cause.”


We are extremely pleased by the great international response to “Through It All.”  If you haven’t purchased your copy of our CD, click the link to or the album cover and join your fellow music connoisseurs from around the world in praising God with our exciting and inspirational CD.


1. I Give You My Heart (5:21)

    featuring: Guillermo Izquierdo and Deanna Peterangelo


2. I Simply Live  (5:28)

    featuring: Paul Peterangelo and Mia Peterangelo


3. Through It All  (5:14)

    featuring: Paul Peterangelo and Emily Zinni


4. Carry Me  (5:50)

    featuring: Guillermo Izquierdo


5. Made Me Glad (5:00)

   featuring: Guillermo Izquierdo and Emily Zinni


6. The Potter's Hand (5:05)

    featuring: Paul Peterangelo and Deanna Peterangelo


7. I Can Only Imagine (4:36)

   featuring: Paul Peterangelo

8. Lord I Lift Your Name On High (3:20)

   featuring: St. Amelia's Children's Choir


9. You Raise Me Up (4:28)

   featuring: Dan Fronckowiak


10. Shout to the Lord  (4:43)

    featuring: Patrick Johnson, Deanna Peterangelo and

    St. Amelia's Children's Choir


11. A Child Is Born  (3:00)

   featuring: Patrick Johnson and Mia Peterangelo


12. Breath of Heaven  (5:13)

    featuring: Mia Peterangelo, Deanna Peterangelo

    and Emily Zinni


13. For This Cause  (7:10)

    featuring: Paul Peterangelo and Deanna Peterangelo

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